As sequence lead lighter on the ‘Air Battle’ & ‘Humvee Falling’ sequences, I was instrumental in developing looks, creating custom tools & supporting artists creatively & technically. I liaised directly with lookdev, fx & comp departments to efficiently manage sequence-level assets & improve workflows. My documentation, Katana & Nuke templates were provided to both lighting & comp artists.


I also led ‘Factory Fight’ which was a very technical sequence. Each shot required its own slate & was challenged with broken or missing lidar elements. Due to time constraints, I re-made set geometry in Maya & solved HDRI locations for distribution to artists. Shots were initially matched to the spill plate, then a despill process followed in conjunction with the suppression of out of gamut colors using Nuke.


This production gave me experience creating Katana macros, Nuke gizmos, UI’s & distributing for team use. It also provided an opportunity for lateral thinking. One of the production’s challenges was the lack of ref spheres shot on set. As an alternative process, using solved HDRI locations, I setup a ‘latlong’ camera & cross referenced slate images to current geometry & light positions until they matched.

sequence lead • senior lighting technical director
  • Industrial Light & Magic (501-1001 employees; Motion Pictures & Film Industry)
  • February 2019 – September 2019 (8 months, Vancouver BC, Canada)
key lighting: thirty-one shots92%
shot lighting: three shots8%

I had the pleasure to work with Domenick on Aladdin and Terminator : Dark Fate at ILM. Domenick is not only a great team player, he is also fully dedicated to his work, helped by technical and artistic skills that made him one of the corner stones in our team. As a supervisor, it was really priceless for me to be able to count on him, knowing that any assigned task would go through and get delivered properly regardless of the challenge this would represent. On Terminator : Dark Fate, Domenick stepped up with some sequence lead responsibilities and this was a real success, for him as well as for the team. I look forward to work with him again.

Rémy Dalmas

Lighting Supervisor

The New Mutants